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Thursday, 17 December 2020

How to Prepare Delicious Fried Fajita Chicken and Bacon Quesadillas

Fried Fajita Chicken and Bacon Quesadillas.

Fried Fajita Chicken and Bacon Quesadillas You can cook Fried Fajita Chicken and Bacon Quesadillas using 5 ingredients and 9 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Fried Fajita Chicken and Bacon Quesadillas

  1. It's 8 slices of Bacon.
  2. Prepare of Fully cooked, chicken fajita strips(I used Tyson brand).
  3. Prepare of Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing.
  4. It's of Fiesta blend shredded cheese.
  5. It's of Flour tortillas.

Fried Fajita Chicken and Bacon Quesadillas step by step

  1. Cut the 8 strips of bacon in half. Cook bacon in skillet(your bacon of choice, I used turkey bacon). I cook my bacon with a lil crunch to it. If you use turkey bacon, I recommend putting a little vegetable oil in the bottom of the skillet, to prevent sticking, because turkey bacon doesn't produce a lot of grease..
  2. Take out the bacon after it's done cooking and set aside..
  3. I turn off the stove as I'm preparing each quesadilla in the skillet, to prevent any burning. Because sometimes I'm a little slow at preparing things, and I like to take my time. I turn the stove back on, when I'm done preparing the quesadilla and it is ready to be cooked..
  4. Add the flour tortilla to the skillet, with just enough oil to fry it..
  5. Add the bacon(4 slices), fajita chicken, hidden valley ranch, and fiesta cheese blend to the tortilla..
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  8. With your spatula, fold the tortilla in half with everything in it. I hold the spatula on top of it, until the tortilla stays folded in half, then I flip it..
  9. I flip it probably 3 times before I take it out. Flip occasionally to prevent burning. Take out when slightly golden brown and all cheese is melted. Serve and enjoy..

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